Why Veritas?

A new study estimates physicians would need 26.7 hours per day to provide the recommended preventive, chronic, and acute care to a panel of 2,500 adult patients, including the related documentation and inbox work. Direct Primary Care fixes that.

A Better Way

Veritas Direct Care operates using a new model called Direct Primary Care.  Insurance companies are trying – and succeeding – to put independent practices out of business.  The objective from health insurance companies seems to be “More Patients! Faster!”  This method of practicing medicine leads to fractured relationships between provider and patient, frustrated patients, burned-out healthcare workers, and increased costs to the entire healthcare system.

By removing the insurance industry from the patient-provider relationship, the Direct Primary Care model provides solutions to these problems.

A patient with Veritas Direct Care would pay a monthly or annual membership fee to belong to the practice.

Direct Primary Care is rapidly growing throughout the US

Veritas Members Get Primary Care & Much More!

Prompt Access

More Time In Visits

In House Pharmacist

Team Coverage

In House Lab

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