Prompt Access, Teamwork, Expanded Services

Primary Care That Works For You

Veritas Direct Care

Veritas members enjoy more time in visits, and more focus from an individual healthcare provider. We are able to offer expanded services, because our team is not spending valuable resources fighting insurance companies.

Veritas Direct Care

We pride ourselves on prompt access, teamwork & coverage

Veritas Members Get Primary Care & much more, including consults with an Orthopedic Surgeon, nurse coaching and a weight loss clinic.

Prompt Access

More Time In Visits

In House Pharmacist

Team Coverage


Your Designated Provider will be in charge of your routine health care, and provide the continuity and a trusting relationship that you deserve.

Prompt access, coverage, triage, and guidance from other providers, nurses and our administrative team.

Pharmacist Mike Cefole can assist with complex medication management, diabetic care, and guidance regarding prescription costs.

Consultations with our on-site Orthopedic Surgeon.

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