Frequently Asked Questions

Veritas is Latin for Truth or Transparency. Over the last 60 years, health care providers have gradually given control over our profession to insurance companies, the government and corporations. This has led to frustrated patients, burned-out health care workers, and sky-rocketing costs. It is time that we are open and truthful about the way things are going in the medical profession – if we’re going to save it. Now’s the time.

Concierge practices charge a membership fee but also bill a patient’s insurance. DPC practices do not bill a patient’s insurance for services, and are thus free to practice without the constraints of the insurance industry. We want to work for you, not your insurance company.

Dr. Arnold- https://doxy.me/danarnold

Dr. Kelly- https://doxy.me/drannemariekellymd

Andrea Lyonnais, PA-C-https://doxy.me/andrealyonnaispa

Will Lary, PA-C- https://doxy.me/willpac

Giuliana Cuccinello, PA-C- https://doxy.me/giulianapa

Shelley Thomas, NP- https://doxy.me/shelleythomasnp

Sarah Edwards, NP- https://doxy.me/sedwardsnp

Mike Cefole, PharmD- https://doxy.me/mikecpharmd

Not at this time, but we are hopeful for the future.

No, consultations with Dr. Manning are included in your Veritas membership. Injections done by Dr. Manning available for an additional fee.

Count yourself fortunate! Our health is possibly the most valuable thing any of us have – yet not enough of us invest in our own health. The DPC model will allow us the flexibility to spend more time focusing on prevention of illness, rather than catching up on disease. We will strive to make sure you feel the value of your membership, through building a trusting relationship with a provider, providing access, and regular education about disease prevention.

If you have a high-deductible plan, you know how expensive office visits and labs can get. The DPC model makes budgeting for primary care services much simpler. Moreover, we can help you find less-expensive services outside of our office by avoiding use of your insurance. If the DPC model works well for you, we encourage you to talk to your broker or employer about less expensive insurance options that put more money in your pocket. Under the direct primary care model, we no longer depend on health insurance reimbursement to pay for our services so we do not bill your insurance.  That means you do not need to pay co-pays or deductibles for your primary care, and you won’t get any surprise bills from us.
As we do now, we will do our best to provide prompt access within the entire team to help cover urgent issues. Each Designated Provider will work directly with a colleague for coverage. You will also become very familiar with your Provider’s nurse and your personal administrator.

CMP $20

BMP $15


TSH $20

PSA $25

CBC $10 and $15 with differential

A1C $15

Vit D $39

Vit B12 $19

Testosterone $89

Annual Physical Panel-CMP, LIPIDS, TSH, CBC $50

6 month follow up- CMP, LIPID $30

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